Until Dawn


I don’t know how many of you have happened to stumble on the game Until Dawn. I know PS4 subscribers were able to download to the game for free in June/July month, which I may add is not how I stumbled on it. A friend introduced me to this game. So being a fan of horror or survival horror games I was fairly mortified that I never even heard of this game before…

So here is my view of the game to add to the already many out there. So, trophy hunters, super easy to get that shiny platinum trophy on the end. Woop, managed to get my own first platinum trophy. Thank you, thank you, no need for applause. With that out of the way, lets get to the actual game. It was released round 2015 and the game follows 8 teenagers in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. Sounds cliched? BUT its not. Now the main part of the game, as explained in the very beginning, every choice you make has an effect later in the game. The Butterfly Effect.


So some choices have fairly… lethal effects and some much minor effects. Now your 8 characters gets introduced as the game goes along. As your game progresses your choices actually effect your characters personality and obviously their relationships with each other. And watch those relationships with some people as they can become quite vital.

So as these games go you have multiple endings and its meant to be played more than once. The actual game isn’t that long and its more than easy to finish it in a day. But its a short game with a huge impact. So obviously we can finish the game of all good and have everyone survive, or we can end it off in a bang and have…. well…. no one survive, or mix it up and have something in between. Keep in mind, its damn hard keeping everyone alive, especially since there is a character or two you just wish you could kill yourselves.

So I think the guys did a really good job on this game. All your characters aren’t just voiced by actors, but look like their actual actors, and if you watch a video on how the game was made the actors did the movements etc. for the game. And it lets be honest there is a decent cast for this game as in the likes of Hayden Panettiere, Peter Stormare and Remi Malek.


The story line was great and its so easy to relate to some characters and feel some genuine sadness when you accidentally kill them off because of some bad choice made earlier in the game. It had amazing scary moments and jump scare moments that often had me out of my skin. Oh, also the game doesn’t leave it all on your amazing judgement. Now and then (if you find them) you can pick up a totem that either shows your death, the death of a friend, guidance, good fortune or upcoming danger. So heed these totems my good friends.


At this point (as I have played obtaining every ending, every death and every secret) I am forcing everyone I know to play this game, as it just that good. Also, I do like watching other people go through the emotions of killing beloved characters just so I know I am not the only one who went through the sheer trauma I did when I made a big oops and killed of everyone I like. There was tears… Thus I give this game an amazing 8/10, and a MUST GO PLAY IT guys!! Its so worth it.









Release me

I am torn. I have a constant battle between my head and my heart. My head yearning to be free and my heart yearning to have you back. Doesn’t matter that my head knows I will never have you back. I wish I can close my eyes and when they open the constant fear of wanting to message you will be gone. I keep staring at your name on my phone hoping you will see me on the other side screaming for you to message me. Just do it! Be the first to break the silence! Why wont you just do that for me? Why wont you release me of these shackles? Why is it that I am caught in this net unable to escape, and you are free to swim away….

I was just the other girl

I can’t get over you. I try. Each day. But every morning when I wake up I get reminded over and over of what is no longer there. The brown bear next to my bed reminds me of the picture I sent you about the bear with the big brown ears. My white tiger reminds me that thats your favorite animal. It reminds me of the last conversation we had and how I sent you pictures of white tigers to get your attention.

I miss our hours on hours chats. I miss how alive you made me feel. But I remember the darkness that came with it. You were never mine. And you never would be. I was someone that was easily cast aside when all went down hill. Long lost forgotten. I wish I could see you again. I wish I could hold you in my arms and pretend that the world out there doesn’t matter. As long as I was with you, it was all okay. I even miss fighting with you, cause it made me felt like you cared. I miss waking up smiling thinking about the long conversation I had with you the previous night. You were the only reason I ever wished weekends would end just so I can chat with you again. Why could you so easily discard me? And why, after so many months, does it feel like I just lost you yesterday?


The world, it slowly dims out. Everything just stops. You can’t feel pain, sadness, happiness. Its like your brain and heart slows down until it stops completely. You have lost all control to reality.

Next feeling is the cold steel sliding through your skin. The warmth of your blood rolling down your skin. And then the sharp pain. Slowly that pain presses ‘play’ on the world. Emotion comes back.You can feel again. The empty feeling you felt has left.

Followed by tears streaming down your face as you realised you lost yourself again, and the only thing that can bring you back is leaving a permanent mark of remembrance on your beautiful skin.

Knowing that no one can ever understand the battles you fought.

21 Days….


There is nothing more refreshing than the smell of the ocean. Calmly watching wave after wave crash and wash out onto the shore. And here I sit, on some wooden bench dedicated in loving memory to some person that meant the world to another. I am actually not far from where, not so long ago, you were standing and filming. I would like to say I randomly picked this spot, but I didn’t. I picked it because it’s something that reminds me of you. I stare blankly at where you would have stood that day. I guess I am hoping that you would magically appear.  But you never do. I look to the right, skimming each block of flats until I see the one I am looking for, and I smile. I imagine you that day, sneaking a peak at the exact same spot I am looking at, hoping that you will catch one last glimpse of me before the weekend is over. As much as the thought attempts to warm my heart, all it manages to do is make me sad. I would give everything to go back to that Friday, and make it so that the evening never ends. It was, without a doubt, one of the best days of my life.

It was after then that I knew I no longer had some silly crush on you. It was after then that I knew I loved you. Admitting that to you was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I didn’t know what you would say or how you would react, considering the circumstances. But I did it. Or well, I did a half assed version of it making it sound like I thought I may be in love with you. After that, fate slowly started to intervene.  As great as it may have been, things started going downhill. Thinking of it now, it was to be expected. It was a tough situation for me, and as much as you may have known, you didn’t know everything that went on in my mind or heart. I knew even less of what was going on in yours, as you would never let me in. This situation was always so frustrating and I ended up loosing the way to properly handle it. I couldn’t just be friends with you anymore, we went at that option all wrong, and we could never go back to it. I tried so hard to accommodate certain issues and complications that there were between us, just to make it work, all in the meantime the little rope holding me together to “us” started to fizzle away. Yet I could never make you understand that. It seemed to me that you either thought I always contradicted myself because I said things were difficult, but here I still was or you could never grasp that even though it was that difficult for me, I found you worth holding on, and dealing with the pain it brought.

Slowly, whatever it was between us, started to fade away, till the point fate made sure that there will be no “us” anymore. I let out a deep sigh… I will always hate that day it all went pear shaped. Whether it was my fault because of what I said, blurting out the wrong thing to the wrong person without thinking, or our fault. It happened. It was awful. It was over. Even faster than it started. Days I hoped I would wake up and it was all just a bad dream, but I never did, and it never stopped hurting. I didn’t even hate you. There was no hate to dull the sadness. There was anger, yet it never seemed to last. Anger to make me message you as many hurtful things I could master, just so I could tell myself that this situation did not get me down and that you didn’t win. I didn’t mean the things I said, and I will always hope that deep down you would know I didn’t. Then there were days I had a dream that we were okay and everything was sorted and I just didn’t want to ever wake up.

I had a chat with you once about people being so easily replaced. Ironically enough it was one of the many chats that aggravated me. But people are not so easily replaced. Well at least not in all instances. I could never replace you. There will always be that something that made you stood out above the rest. You broke down almost every single wall I built to protect myself from exactly a situation like this. So much about you would be everything I would never look for in a guy, yet there you were, breaking every pointer. There was nothing about you that ever made me like you less. In the time that I got to know you, and had your presence in my life, you never did harm to me, like so many before you did. You have been a surprising oddity in my life. You were able to take my sarcasm, even just handle me for that matter. You were amazing. You were exciting. You were unique in every way.

I never knew what you felt for me, if anything. It’s been one of the greatest mysteries. Sometimes when I think about it, so many things point that you may have had feelings for me of sorts. But then I think, you said so many hurtful things, so many confusing and contradictory things, that I can’t believe that you did. Then I end up wondering what the point of the moments where it did seem like you had feelings? Those moments you were so cute an adorable, where it just clarified once again why it is that I love you. I wish you knew how much I miss talking to you till practically 12am almost every night. That there are moments when I see something on Facebook, and all I want to do is tell you or send you the picture, because I know you would appreciate it, know you would find it funny or appropriate. Your absent presence can definitely be felt. You know what I regret most of all? That I didn’t hug you tighter, that I didn’t hug you longer and appreciated the hug so much more the last day I saw you. All I want is to be able to redo that last hug.

You know, today is a special day, the anniversary of the first day I started talking to your crazy ass. The day it all went down some crazy, yet most amazing spiral. It’s been months now since it all ended, and the crazy thing is, I have thought of you every single day, and I have not stopped loving you any less. I don’t think I could ever completely stop loving you. The most insane thing is that you are probably the first person I have ever truly loved, first person I know for sure that I actually love. At the same time I feel kind of sad that I will never be able to show you just how much…

I slowly come back to reality and wipe away the tears rolling my cheek. This reminds me of you saying that you would never want to make me cry, and I quickly try and stop. Wouldn’t want to disappoint  you. So it’s time to move on I tell myself. I may, for now, wish nothing more than have you back in my life, to be able to talk to you again and see those gorgeous blue eyes of yours again, and I may miss you still for a very long time, but it’s time to work on moving on. Facts are the facts, and you are gone, fighting it won’t change it. So I get up, give one last long hard look at the ocean, and I walk away…


“Feet don’t fail me now
Take me to the finish line
Oh my heart it breaks, every step that I take
But I’m hoping at the gates,
They’ll tell me that you’re mine

Walking through the city streets
Is it by mistake or design?
I feel so alone on the Friday nights
Can you make it feel like home
If I tell you you’re mine?
It’s like I told you honey

Don’t make me sad, don’t make me cry
Sometimes love is not enough and the road gets tough, I don’t know why
Keep making me laugh
Let’s go get high
The road is long, we carry on
Try to have fun in the meantime

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane, so
Choose your last words
This is the last time
‘Cause you and I
We were born to die”


Warcraft Movie


Now… Having hardly posting anything ever on this blog… except for what seems to be a very good cycle of every 4 years or almost a year since the last one… I went to scroll back to some of my older posts and came across a post where I wrote a little story about when Warcraft was first announced… BACK IN 2010! What the actual hell. I was freaking about this movie about being released in 2011. Great stuff there… Only 4 years later and well we have one more to go. Really grinds my gears when they keep delaying the release of movies.

And as where we are now.. we have yet to see an actual trailer for this movie. I checked. So unless someone knows of one hiding away in some sneaky location in the fastness of cyber space do let me know… Now I really hardly ever go read up on hordes (oops… mind the pun) of posts that are already out there regarding this movie, so my knowledge is not very clued up. Went checking through the cast, and find most of them unknown so have no real opinion about it. And overall my actual Warcraft knowledge sucks. What I know comes from the little lore I bother reading from doing quests in World of Warcraft. Like who even reads quests still?? And since I am usually always late with an expansion and play for maybe 2 months at a time.. Well explains how much my knowledge sucks.

Whats the point of this post? NOTHING! Besides if you count ranting that its taking than 6 years to release the bloody thing since they got the freaking idea for it. Come now! Some of us are past the point of waiting and want to see the, hopefully, master piece in action!

Jurassic World


So I believe most avid fans of the popular Jurassic movies have been to see the new movie.  Seen some comments and reviews here and there about it and the world raving about just how amazing it is. Okay In all fairness… Yea sure It wasn’t bad. I had fun watching it. Didn’t leave the cinema with this feeling of “the trailer was so much better”. So that in my book already gets quite the positive rating…

Now I feel like I will be missing the attention of some fans here as my linking this movie to parts and hints to the prior three will be sadly lacking. It was decent. CG was good, acting was good. And quite frankly Id say someone did a good job if they even managed to get me to pass on a tear about a freaking man eating dinosaur dying!! Like that actually happened.

And well lets not miss that ending where they basically said… “Watch out world! there may be another one coming!” Now lets get to the comment about the obvious noticed fact that out leading actress apparently spends a day (in the movie) running around a jungle… And more importantly running from something very big that wants to eat her… in high heels. Cause of course heels don’t break. And they are soooo comfortable. Really? Did no one on that set stop and thought… maybe this is a tad unrealistic? How is she still walking at the end of that movie??

But well that’s not enough to make me say the movie is crap. It had a pretty awesome little ‘fight’ scene there at the end that probably was kind off expected? Possibly? Kinda? With a great big ‘chomp’ ending it all off nicely. So my point is, definitely worth a watch and made a big improvement on Jurassic Park 2 and 3. Making a hybrid little dino wasn’t just to bring more people to the park… it was to bring people to the cinema as well 😉

X-Men Days of Future Past

Sup guys,

**Please note: I dont write paragraph after paragraph of this scene was wrong or this CG was to fake or the directing sux. I write my opinion of the movie and that’s that. If you want a review that rips the movie apart go elsewhere. I am here to tell you if its either good or utter crap without spoiling anything if possible.**

So as the whole world knows, the latest X-Men movie is finally out. For about 2 weeks already. So here with be my thoughts of the movie. I will try to keep it as spoiler free as possible. 🙂

So for those who watched the last Wolverine movie will remember at the end tit bit, Magneto and Charles approached Wolverine to ask him for his help. So this is the part that boggles my mind, the time warp between that and this movie. Last we saw was a world that pretty much… still looked normal, to a world in chaos and destruction. I’m like… whaaaat? But never you mind that. So here we have Wolverine, hero stealer yet again (not that I am complaining, huge Hugh Jackman fan, but really he has his own movie franchise, cant another X-Men take some lime light now as well??) going back in time to stop one event from happening that is going pretty much destroy the mutant race in future to come.


Don’t get my snippyness as a distaste for the movie. I actually quite enjoyed it. It was far better than its prequel X-Men First Class. It was a decent story line, and was everything you would expect of a X-Men movie. And lets not forget that amazing few seconds of a full view of Hugh’s gloriously toned bum. Just something there for the lady’s who has been dragged to the cinema by their comic freak boyfriends 😉 So we saw loads of the old X-Men characters returning or at least make a guest appearance of some sorts, and a whole bunch of new characters being introduced which was pretty cool, of which my personal favorite would be Booboo Stewart, which you would remember as Seth from Twilight series, playing Warpath. He is however not my ultimate favorite, which would have been Quicksilver, who I also believed stole the limelight in the movie for a bit. I think everyone who saw the movie will agree his little scene in the kitchen was AMAZING. They could have kept him longer in the movie in my opinion. #justsaying. Here is to hoping they will bring him back in the next X-Men movie due for release in the next couple of years. So what else is there to say? Decent mix of just enough humor and plenty of action with an ending that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Hey, I am a girl, I am allowed to feel that way. So all in all, I will give the movie a good 8/10



Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

So, I have bought the game and finished it twice now in 3 days. Yes its that painfully short.  I have read up on some sites and noticed there are lots of mixed feelings to the game, ranging from hate to love.  There are pro’s and con’s to the game, certain things that were better than the previous games and things that were not.

Lets get main point 1 out of the way: IT IS NOT A REMAKE OF THE FIRST GAME! Yes, ok, we have Harry who crashes a car and goes on a chase to find his missing daughter Cheryl. And that is were the similarity stops, with the main exception of names being used, eg. Lisa and Dahlia and Dr Kaufmann. ( on a side note, I have never played the original Silent Hill)

Now. . There is no fighting whatsoever in this game. NOTHING!! And let me tell you this, as much as you hate a boss fight, you really miss it when there aint one. And that said, there is not health drinks either.  So yes there are times when the world freezes over and funny looking monsters chase you around jumping you and dragging you to the ground. And let me tell you, running around for 10min in circles being chased by them is not fun. Yes. . I actually ran in circles during the one ‘nightmare’ as it is called. It’s a good thing I did not play this on WII as I am sure a remote would have ended up in a TV.  SO anyway. . They do damage to you over time, and logically you start limping and consequently run even slower, giving them more time to jump you. *HATE* There are about 9 chase scenes, which non of them are really long or overly complicated. Oh, you have a iPhone with a map, which is USELESS in a chase scene as you walk when using it. Hallo, problem here? I think so.

Point said, this game would probably be fun on a WII since ‘doing’ the actual movements to pull out pins and open jackets and draws could be fun, but hardly enough to save the game. The puzzles, since that is what I guess they are, are easy enough for a 3year old to figure out, no I am serious here. Granted, having a phone and calling all the random numbers you see through the game was quite fun.

So lets also point out the fact that during every other minute of the game not spent running in crazy circles, you are in NO danger whatsoever to speak of, you can run and walk in pure ease, knowing you are quite safe. Alright, fine, there were maybe one or two point the developers manage to get you a bit scared.

Then, every now and then you end up in Dr Kaufmann’s office during a psychology session, which to me was probably the most fun in the game. Doing anything from a questionnaire, colouring in (yay) and answering true or false questions. It is also your answers to these ‘activities’ that will predict your ending, with the slight help of what you stare at while running around looking for Cheryl. The people and dialog also change very slightly during the game and some of their cloths will change.  About 3/4 into the game your cloths will change, and will give you a slight hint to what ending you might get. I was truthful with my answers first time around, and ended up with the ‘Drunk Dad’ ending. . . o.O Right. . . Ok. There are two parts to your ending, and I have yet to figure out what predicts/decides the one half, since I have managed to get two of the three, not having done any drastic changes to my first play through, except those to force one of the  4 main endings. (fyi – if that explanation didn’t make sense, I didn’t want to spoil anything, play the game to figure it out or go read it up elsewhere 😛 )

So ultimately  my feeling about the game? I would give it a good solid 6.5/10. I had fun playing it, its nothing like the old Silent Hill games, its easy and less scary, but was fun and had a rather fun twist at the end, which I had a very good inkling about before I got there. It is also the only Silent Hill game I have 100% figured out after playing it. . Well on the second play through. And of which I am also proud of!! ^_^ (always so confused after a Silent Hill game) So yes, I would say play it. It wont ruin the franchise for you, just keep open minded when playing it, and kind off picture it as a ‘game of its own’

Independence Day 2 + 3

Well. . . It only took them, oh I dunno, 14 freaking years!! to decide, “Hey lets make a sequel to one of the best Sci-Fi/Action movies ever made. Yes! Hollywood has finally decided to make a second Independence Day movie, and not only that, there will be third one to follow soon after that. The second movie is so far set to be released in 2013 and the third one in 2014.  Still feels like an eternity! Well, that is as much as I can tell you about this. No cast, story line, director etc has of yet been released. I have however heard a tiny rumor they want to use the original cast, but that remains to be seen. But at least the idea is there 😉 Something to look forward to for a change.